DRC Celebrates 48 Years as a Leading Tire Manufacturer

DRC Celebrates 48 Years as a Leading Tire Manufacturer

How DRC Became One of Vietnam’s Leading Tire Manufacturers Since 1975

December 25, 2023, marks a significant milestone for Da Nang Rubber Joint Stock Company (DRC) as it celebrates its 48th anniversary. Over nearly five decades since its founding on December 25, 1975 ( Dec 25th, 1975 to Dec 25th, 2023 ), DRC tire has transformed from the former US military’s tire factory into a pioneering leader in Vietnam’s tire manufacturing industry.

Developing From Early Tire Factory to Leading Tire Manufacturer

DRC traces its origins to the tire production facilities left behind by a US military factory in Da Nang, Vietnam. The company was established in 1975, shortly after the Vietnam War, utilizing the existing infrastructure to launch tire manufacturing.

In the first decade, DRC tire focused on rebuilding and expanding production capacity to leading global tire manufacturer. Early investments included:

  • 1987 – Installed mixing line imported from Italy and Japan
  • 1989 – Established capacity to produce 20,000 tons of tires per year

By the 1990s, DRC exported its tires while supplying the domestic market. The company continued to modernize its capabilities:

  • 2005 – Added radial tire production line
  • 2009 – Expanded capacity to 44,000 tons of tires per year

Entering the 2010s, DRC invested in new factories and technologies:

  • 2016 – Added steel cord rolling line from Italy to produce high-strength tire materials
  • 2017 – Constructed a new $35M rubber mixing plant, increasing mixing capacity by 50%

Today, after 48 years of steady growth, DRC has been transformed into one of Vietnam’s largest tire producers:

  • Owns seven enterprises with 272,606 sq meters of production space
  • Employs over 2,300 skilled workers
  • Over 1,187 billion VND in charter capital
  • 5,139 billion VND in revenue in 2022, with 3,059 billion from exports
  • Ranked in Vietnam’s Top 75 global tire manufacturers ( Source : tirebusiness.com )
DRC Celebrates 48 Years as a TOP Tire Manufacturer in the world
DRC Celebrates 48 Years as a TOP Tire Manufacturer in the world

Focus on Innovation and Advanced Tire Engineering to leading tire manufacturer in the world

A key ingredient in DRC’s journey from humble beginnings to tire industry leader has been a commitment to continuous research, development and introduction of innovative new products.

Over the past five years, DRC’s technical teams have engineered some breakthroughs in tire design and manufacturing processes:

  • 2018 – First tire company in Vietnam to manufacture industrial tires for port operations and mining
  • 2019 – Pioneered a new generation of tubeless bicycle tires
  • 2021 – Launched proprietary DSTAR tire line for trucks and buses featuring fortified construction
  • 2022 – DRC truck tire met US DOT standards, allowing entry into the American market and adding 1 million tire/year capacity through factory expansion

These developments have helped strengthen DRC’s offerings for customers across vehicle segments, including trucks, buses, passenger cars, bicycles, motorbikes, mining equipment, and port machinery.

The company’s state-of-the-art production lines and advanced R&D capabilities enable DRC to continually release high-performance new tire products that meet the most stringent standards in markets worldwide.

Global Certifications Affirm World-Class Quality

DRC Tire understands that success in the international tire industry requires having products that meet the highest global quality benchmarks.

Over its 48-year history, DRC has earned some of the most prestigious international certifications in the tire sector:

These certifications affirm that DRC’s tires fulfill the technical specifications, manufacturing consistency, endurance testing and other requirements to be sold in major developed countries.

DRC Tire’s consistent production quality is enabled by the advanced equipment at its facilities, including:

  • Sealed tire curing presses from VMI Holland
  • Mixing lines from Italy and Japan
  • Cord rolling lines from Italy
  • Tread extruders from Germany
  • Automated tire inspection and labelling machines

By bringing leading tire manufacturing technology into its factories and combining this with rigorous quality control procedures, DRC ensures every tire it produces meets the highest international standards.

Global reach and distribution network

DRC started as a local supplier 48 years ago but has progressively expanded its global footprint and distribution. The company now exports to over 40 countries worldwide.

Some of DRC’s major international markets include:

  • United States – Expanded exports after achieving DOT certification in 2022
  • Europe – Key supplier to customers in the EU leveraging E-Mark approval
  • Japan – Earned JIS marking to grow business in this quality-focused market
  • Brazil – Leveraging INMETRO certification to increase market share

DRC has grown its overseas distribution through participation in prominent international tire trade shows and automotive exhibitions. The company continues seeking new export opportunities to extend its global reach.

Domestically, DRC has cultivated a network of over 2,000 sales agents and retailers covering all 63 provinces. This allows DRC’s locally produced tires to be available nationwide to Vietnamese consumers and commercial customers.

Vision for the Future to become leading tire manufacturer

As it celebrates 48 years in business, DRC is proud of its evolution from modest beginnings into one of Vietnam’s most advanced and largest tire manufacturers.

The company remains focused on continuous improvement, sustainability and meeting customer needs worldwide. Some critical elements of DRC’s vision moving forward include:

  • Expanding production capacity – With domestic and global demand growth, DRC plans to invest in new factories, warehouses and production lines continually.
  • New product development – DRC’s R&D teams will continue innovating to launch tires optimized for modern vehicle applications and environmental performance.
  • Sustainable manufacturing – From LED lighting to solar power to process improvements, DRC seeks to minimize its environmental footprint.
  • Global growth – By obtaining additional international certifications and expanding distribution networks, DRC aims to supply more markets worldwide.
  • Developing local workforce – DRC will continue training programs to develop its team of over 2,300 employees and provide opportunities to youth in the community.

Celebrating DRC’s Position Among Top Tire Companies

As DRC celebrates its 48th-anniversary milestone, the company is thankful for the partners, employees and customers who have shared its journey over nearly five decades.

DRC appreciates its network of distributors and dealers for their collaboration, making DRC the preferred consumer tire brand in Vietnam. The company values long-term customers, especially international tire majors, for their loyalty and trust in DRC.

Most of all, DRC is grateful to all its dedicated employees, from manufacturing teams to engineers to office staff, whose expertise and commitment are critical to DRC’s continued success. Their contributions create value for customers and drive DRC’s advancement as a globally recognized Vietnamese tire manufacturer.

As it moves into its fifth decade, DRC is excited to continue this journey of growth and innovation with all of its partners in Vietnam and worldwide. The following 48 years promise to bring even more progress as DRC cements its leadership in the global tire industry.

Presence at Major SEMA Show in USA

DRC is focused on increasing exports further, especially to the key US market. As part of this initiative, DRC is exhibiting at the prominent SEMA automotive show in Las Vegas in October 2023.

drc tire is leading tire manufacturer in sema show 2023
drc tire is leading tire manufacturer in sema show 2023

The high-profile SEMA Show brings together major global tire manufacturers and buyers. DRC’s participation will boost its reach and visibility to customers in the US and worldwide.

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