DRC TRUCK Tire ‘ll be dominate market in the NEXT 3 years

DRC TRUCK Tire ‘ll be dominate market in the NEXT 3 years

DRC Truck Tire ‘ll be dominate Truck tires market

We are DRC Tire – Danang rubber joint stock Company. Formerly, created from an American army retreading factory, DRC tires has been established in 1975, managed by King Tire Vietnam.

DRC Tire produces : DRC Truck Tire, DRC radial tire, DRC off the road tire, DRC agricutural tire, …

5 Reasons DRC Truck Tire ‘ll be dominate truck tires market

1. Full of Safety Certificates for DRC Truck Tire

DRC truck tires is only one vietnam tyre manufacture has full of safety certificates : DOT, JIS, EU Lable, E4, E-Mark, … suitable for all requirements each country and full of QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM : CCC, GCC, CE, ISO, ECC, ECE, SNI, SASO and NOM certificates.

2. Much year experiences in Truck Tire Market

As you know, DRC truck tire brand was established in 1975 – in the first years after the Vietnam War, managed by King Tire Vietnam. The formation and rise of the tire industry in recent years has reached the global market.

After 45 years, DRC truck tire (Da Nang Rubber Joint Stock Company) has exported products to more than 50 countries around the world (data as of 08/2020), mainly in markets in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe.

DRC Truck Tires Export recorded 43% of export revenue compared with 57% of domestic sales; with some major export markets such as Brazil, America, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Egypt, Philippines. In terms of total revenue from domestic and export, automobile tires and tubes are the key products of DRC Tires, accounting for more than 85%.

3. Human resource is the significant factor of DRC Truck Tire

Human resource is the significant factor to bring the success to DRC truck tires as current.

The experienced, dynamic board of management helps DRC truck tire has many years of growth. The team of expert, creative, professional engineers and management staffs has been study oversea for further training for long service at the company. All of the staffs are always united, self-assured and responsible for their work.

4. New opportunities have opened up for DRC Truck Tire

We only use 2 websites to support and get the quotation of international customers:

https://drctire.com and https://kingtirevn.com

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Note For DRC’s Customer

According to experts’ analysis, the recent development of the automobile industry will open up opportunities for domestic tire manufacturers ( example: DRC Truck Tire Manufacturer ) as suppliers of equipment and accessories. Support: “The development of the luxury car segment together with the F1 racing competition will be held in Vietnam from 2020, will create a motivation for high-end tire brands to enter the race to compete for market share”.

Vinfast (under the Vingroup Group), an emerging car manufacturer, has also expressed its ambition to successfully build an auxiliary industrial production complex. Vingroup’s goal is to create a synchronous supply chain to strongly develop the auto industry to become a leading field for domestic industrial development.

Deputy General Director of Vingroup emphasized. “We are willing to create the best conditions for investors, are willing to sign many joint ventures and cooperate with leading manufacturers in the world as well as in the country to establish joint ventures, in particular Priority is given to manufacturers present in Vietnam and Vietnam’s supporting industries, and choose DRC TRUCK TIRE as the supplier of truck tires.

5. DRC Truck Tire is Rank 1 Vietnam Truck Tire Manufacturer

From 2010 to 2020, the tire manufacturing industry in Vietnam generally speaking and DRC Truck Tire in particular – achieved a continuously increasing trade surplus value with a growing gap.

In 2018, the trade surplus is expected to reach over 650 million USD and currently, Vietnam has exported tires to 128 markets.

Currently, there are about 211 enterprises participating in tire export, of which the leading enterprise accounts for 38.3% of DRC TRUCK TIRE’s export turnover.


The Ministry of Industry and Trade forecasts that the growth rate of the value of the Vietnamese tire market will reach about 8% / year in the period of 2019 – 2025, 2 times higher than the world average and also higher. 6% average for the developing market group of which the leading enterprise accounts growth up to 50% of DRC TRUCK TIRE’s export turnover.

The current production structure, product segment and target market have a clear differentiation between businesses. The FDI group ( Led by DRC Truck Tire ) mainly focuses on Radial tire products for passenger cars, truck bus radial to serve export purposes, while the domestic group of enterprises has a diversified product portfolio and the majority of their revenue comes from the domestic market.

In order to increase competitive opportunities with foreign tires, the leading tire enterprise in Vietnam, DRC TRUCK TIRE is encouraged to increase investment in technology to improve product quality; competitively priced and a good after-sales service.

With the confidence of the Vietnam Chemical Corporation, DRC TRUCK TIRE will upgrade its production line by 2 times and proceed to make car tires in the near future.

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